Through the VCSRG (Voluntary and Community Sector Reference Group) the sector in Solihull is represented on various strategic bodies.

You can find out more about the VCSRG below.

The Voluntary & Community Sector Reference Group (VSCRG for short) has been set up to provide a network of individuals acting in the capacity of Voluntary Sector Representatives with our strategic partners in the public and private sector through the Solihull Partnership. SUSTAiN’s role is to facilitate and support the group with communications and a secretarial function.


There are 13 voting members of the VCSRG who are all elected by the local voluntary and community sector.

There are others acting as Voluntary Sector representatives on sub and working groups.

There are also four non-voting members on the VCSRG: one nominated from Solihull MBC; one from the Solihull Partnership; plus the CEO and a Board Member of SUSTAiN.

Elected representatives sit on a number Solihull Borough strategic groups, representing the voluntary and community sector in strategic discussions and reporting back via this website.